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Video Surveillance Camera Systems with Internet DVR

by HomeSmart Central, Inc.

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Today's Surveillance Camera Systems have come a long way. Night vision used to be something the Military used, but today, we can see at night for a very minimal cost. Cameras come in many shapes and sizes and there are numerous manufacturers. HomeSmart has access to many of these manufacturers, but we stick with a few trusted brands.

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HomeSmart Central customizes every project with cameras and digital recording that fit the application and budget. Our installations include Apartment Complexes, Gated entries, front doors, docks, pools, playgrounds, parking lots, and many more.

Cameras can view in two different ways:

  1. Wide angle/Fixed Focus - covers a broad area to see what is going on. (Example: show a pool or dock or parking lot- detail is lost at about 40)
  2. Vari-focal - covers a small area but gives detail. (Example: license plate cam or facial camera at entrance to a gate or store)

The detail a camera provides is not only in its zoom factor, but cameras are rated by their TVL - TV lines of resolution.

  1. 320 TVL is an entry level camera in provides moderate detail.
  2. 560 TVL is a high resolution camera that can give great detail.

Night Vision

Cameras can see in total darkness when they are equipped with Infrared LED Illuminators.

  • They are also know as Day/Night cameras.
  • The distance they can see at night is determined by the number of LEDs.
  • Some cameras can see as far as 300' in total darkness.

Camera pricing varies widely and is determined by the above parameters plus many other factors such as Auto-iris, Auto-white-balance-etc.

Camera types include:

  • Dome Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Concealed Cameras
  • Vari-Focal
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • license plate cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • and more

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Are self contained within a weatherproof housing. They are typically used for general viewing and have a fixed focus or vari-focal lens.

 daynightbulletcam  daynightdomecam
Day/Night Bullet camera Day/Night Dome camera

Starting price around $179 and up

Covert Concealed Cameras

Cameras can also be concealed where they look like other devices such as Smoke Detector Camera, PIR (motion) Detector Cameras, Sprinkler Camera, Exit Sign Camera and many more.

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Box Cameras

More traditional style cameras are sometimes referred to box cameras. They have interchangeable lenses that are selected by the level of resolution and zoom abilities. This style is often used when great detail is required such as reading license plates or seeing facial features. When these cameras are place outside, they require an outdoor housing to protect from the elements.

IP Cameras

The latest technology is an IP camera. They have a built-in web server that allows direct viewing from and Internet browser such as Windows Internet Explorer.

PTZ-Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

PTZ cameras allow a user to remotely control the camera. From a keyboard or special controller a camera can be controlled to zoom, tilt up and down, and pan left and right. These cameras are very useful when the camera is being monitored by a human and the control is needed.

UVSS: Under Vehicle Surveillance System

License Plate Cam
Never miss a vehicle's tag again!
Cameras are built-in to the Speed Bump

UVSS is a revolutionary vehicle license capture system. Its patented design warrants clear pictures of the license plates of vehicles under all lighting conditions - high or low, day or night, front or back, headlight on or off ... It basically eliminates all the limitations of other expensive license capture cameras.

UVSS is part of the new Identifier Series Camera systems from IC Realtime.

Going away from trying to figure out where the vehicle will be in order to get the proper shoot of the tag, the (UVSS) UNDER VEHICLE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM is always in exactly the right position. The UVSS works perfectly in all weather conditions and is available in single, double or a six camera units for states which have front and rear facing tags. It works on all plates both reflective and non reflective and headlights and brake lights have no adverse effect at all.

Available in three configurations:

  • UVSS1 -Single Camera One Side Configuration
  • UVSS2 -Double Camera Dual Side Configuration
  • UVSS6 -Six Camera Inspection System Triple Camera per Side

Digital Video Recording (DVR)

dvrRecording of camera video has changed a lot in the past few years. Traditionally, recording was done on a video tape and tapes had to be changed out regularly in order to keep a history. Today, recording is done digitally on a DVR which is essentially a computer with a hard-drive. These systems are designed to automatically overwrite old video as the hard drive gets full. The bigger the hard drive, the farther back in time you can review.

Most DVRs can be connected to your local area network which ultimately gives access over the Internet. All programming, archiving, viewing, and configuration can be done from any PC anywhere in the world. Recordings can be transferred to on-board CD burner or onto a USB memory stick.

The cost of these systems is determined by the following factors:

  • Number of cameras being recorded
  • Size of the hard drive
  • Recording and viewing speed rated as Total Frames per Second
  • Warranty


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