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Custom Home Theater Surround Sound Installations

Our Specialty is Options

With so many years of experience, we have ideas you may have not ever thought of. We specialize in Custom Home Theater, Surround Sound Installations, and whole-house music systems. Here are a few examples:

  • Did you know that you can have a TV on the wall and cable box, DVD Player, Stereo, etc can all be in a closet somewhere else.?

  • How about a whole-house music system where you can play your favorite music in one room while your children or guests can play something different in their room?

  • Did you know that you can watch the game on the Lanai while listening to a different game on the concealed speaker system?

  • You can use your iPhone, Droid, PC, to select which music is playing in which room?

  • What if you could access your iTunes, Pandora Radio, Napster, iPhone, iTouch, for music to play anywhere in your home or office?

  • Can you imagine One Remote Control for all of this (even your iPhone)?

"I thought we wanted to rebuild our wall unit for the new style flat-panel TV we wanted, but then I found out that I could mount the TV above the fireplace and have all the equipment hidden in the hall closet. It is amazing the experience and knowledge that Rick has. We went from basic TV and rebuilding a wall unit to a true home theater experience."

L. Roberts - Siesta Key, FL


Custom Home Theater

  • Custom Cabinetry by Others
  • Grill Cloth face on areas of cabinet for equipment cooling, center channel speaker, subwoofer
  • Pioneer 60" Plasma
  • Infnity TSS Series 125W Slim-line Speakers
  • Infinity 10" 300W Subwoofer
  • Proficient 125W In-Ceiling Speakers (rear Surround Sound)

Custom Bonus Room Conversion to a Game Room

  • 60" Pioneer Plasma TV
  • 6.5" Proficient In-Ceiling Audio LCR Speakers (front)
  • Infinity TSS4000 Slim-line 125W Center Channel Speaker
  • Infinity 10" 300W Subwoofer
  • 6.5" Proficient In-Ceiling Audio LCR Speakers (front)
  • Denon AVR889 Surround Sound Receiver
  • Logitech Harmony ONE Universal Remote Control
  • Custom Cabinets by Others

All Equipment located in Closet left of TV (Middle Atlantic Rack)





Multi-Room Audio

Today's music is almost all digital. This means that it is stored on something that is in your house. Using current technology, you can listen to any one your songs, at any time, in any room! Whether you have it on your iPod, iTunes, or CD, you can access it easily from almost anywhere. You could even turn on music over the Internet from anywhere in the world.


Introducing SONOS!

Control from a Sonos Touchscreen Controller 

Control from your iPod

Control from your PC

 control photo marley


Florida State License: ES12001081