Tuesday, 21 May 2024


by HomeSmart Central, Inc.

If you want a flat-panel TV mounted on the wall in your home or office, but you don't want to see it when your not being used, then SmartArt is the solution for you. You can have your favorite piece of artwork with a custom frame hanging on the wall.

With the touch of a button, the artwork rolls up into the frame revealing the TV. Almost any piece of artwork can be used to conceal your TV and sometimes your equipment as well.




TV Concealment

HomeSmart Central has a large selection of artwork to choose from, or you can use your favorite piece of artwork.
We have an artist in Sarasota that specializes in large format prints, Trulee Jameson from ArtSource Studio, LLC.

She can take almost any print and make it as large as 5'. Of course, the original print must fit certain criteria so that it can be enlarged.
Don't forget that we also professionally install all the wiring, the TV on the wall, and a "Smart" remote control to operate everything.


Florida State License: ES12001081